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Border Patrol - TSP Retirement Program

TSP - 401(k) Review<br/>

TSP - 401(k) Review

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Start planning now so you are on track for your retirement!

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Retirement Transition&#160;<br/>

Retirement Transition 

Retiring before 60? We discuss the challenges and solutions to help you prepare for your retirement.

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Income in Retiremnet<br/>

Income in Retiremnet

Helping you make your money last throughout your retirement years.

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You've worked hard for the Border Patrol. Now you need help to create an income plan with your Thrift Savings Plan. 

Throughout your life you will experience circumstances that may affect your retirement decisions. Planning for life events such as marriage, divorce, or financial hardship also includes determining what you want to happen with your TSP account in the event of your death. It’s important to make a plan and revisit it periodically to ensure the best possible outcome for you and those you love.

If you leave federal service, get deployed, or experience any other changes in your federal service, there are a number of things to consider when it comes to your TSP account.

At RPP we can help you create an income plan with you Thrift Savings Plan investments. 

Take Charge of Your 401(k)

Keep up with your financial needs while avoiding common (and expensive) rollover mistakes. We put together this guide to help you potentially save thousands in taxes and fees, tips for speeding up retirement preparations, and critical mistakes to avoid.