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Congratulations! You are taking charge of your Retirement!

Did you know there have been studies done that show people spend more time planning for their vacations than their retirement? Let's create a retirement plan together so you could enjoy one long vacation. 

You've worked hard all those years and now it is time to do what YOU want.

Relax, travel, explore, spend more time with your loved ones. 

Maybe retire to something you are passionate about!

So many things you can do with your valuable time. 

One way to set yourself up for retirement is to schedule a meeting with Todd to talk about your vision and goals. Creating a vision for your retirement is a powerful tool to motivate yourself. The goals are important so you can track your progress as we live through your life's journey. 

While there are many tools and resources that can be found online I believe the most effective way to plan for retirement is to have ongoing conversations and strategy meetings in person or virtually to continue to monitor the progress of your retirement timeline.  

Timeline & Processes

I believe understanding your timeline is widely overlooked and is crucial for planning your retirement. 

I can help you develop a simple to read and understand timeline that shows when you could/should start receiving income and from which bucket(s) the money is coming from to provide you income. 

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Discovery Process

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Life in Retirement

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