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Why I chose to live ALOHA

Why I chose to live ALOHA

Todd, Carrie, Reagan, Jack

Poipu, HI (Kauai)

I was at a crossroads in my life...

My wife and I were in Hawaii celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary; a trip we had been planning for years. It was suppose to be a magical vacation. But my mind was somewhere else. I wasn't happy. What could possibly make such a special occasion a disaster? Here I am on the beach, enjoying the warm salty air, the cool ocean water, rays of sunshine burning my skin and one cold watered down Mai Tai after another.  In that moment, I knew that I had to make a change. I needed to do something drastically different or...something that was my own. 

How could I take this leap of faith?  What if I failed? What if this, what if that? The questions flooded my mind like a broken dam. Suddenly there was this surreal calmness that overcame me. The people around me and ocean waves went silent. The sun became a little brighter. My thoughts just stopped. Right then, I knew. I could do it. Everything would be alright. Starting my own firm is what I was needed to do. 

This would be the moment that I would begin to live ALOHA!

I would change my outlook on life and spread the Aloha spirit. 

When I say "Aloha" it is so much more than hello. Aloha is not just a saying, it is an experience. An experience of happiness, peace, clarity, and love. For me, every time I say Aloha, it is a reminder of that magical feeling I had on the beach. 

I hope that you get to experience that Aloha feeling. One of my favorite experiences is when a client greets me with an "Aloha". It brings me joy to know that the Aloha spirit is alive and well! 

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