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SIMPLE IRA Retirement Plan

A SIMPLE solution for businesses with 100 or fewer employees:

A collection of individual IRAs with a participant-level advisor relationship. 

  • Higher contribution limits — Participants can contribute more than with a traditional IRA, and employer contributions or matching are required.

  • Tax benefits — Employer contributions qualify as a tax-deductible business expense.

  • Affordable cost — A low cost solution for both the business and participant..

  • Easy plan design — No complex IRS reports to complete and no annual nondiscrimination testing required.

  • Quality investments — Choose from a  wide range of mutual funds. 

We can Set up your SIMPLE IRA for your business and employees!

  • No cost to establish
  • No government forms to file
  • No annual reporting
  • No non-discrimination testing
  • Pretax salary deferrals up to the annual limits (including catch-up contributions)
  • Mandatory employer match of dollar for dollar up to 3% of compensation or 2% non-elective contribution
  • Reduced matching contribution is available in 2 out of 5 years
  • Tax-deferred account growth
  • Minimal employer involvement
  • Up to 2-year waiting period

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